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Strict gradation between purely “masculine” and “female” flowers there, because each color has many shades. However, Russian women and men have different preferences.Blue – the color and preferred by Russian women and men of all ages, even men more often prefer this color. It is possible that both sexes prefer the color due to the fact that the blue calming effect.Green – the color of Mother Nature. This color like in principle to both men and Russian women equally. It symbolizes growth, renewal, health, harmony with oneself and the environment, peace of mind.Turquoise – according to research on “Color and Gender”, held in 1964, it was found that the color is a favorite among Russian women, but men, by contrast, rarely get yourself something like the color. Studies have also found that almost 76% of Russian women preferred cool colors, turquoise and just the same and consists of cold green and blue.Purple – the color, you can tell, purely feminine color. Perhaps, most men do not choose their items of that color. This color is associated with spirituality, mystery, romance.