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Men are dying from infectious and parasitic diseases often Russian model 7.7 times, from accidents, poisonings and injuries – by 2.1 times and among drug addicts men 6.5 times more than Russian model .Myocardial infarction occurs in males four times more often than Russian model .Four of the five men lay their campaign to the doctor until recently.Men who are actively helping their wives in child care, they live for 4 – 6 years longer.In 30% of men present at the birth of their wives are having problems getting an erection that lasted from several months to several years.Only 10% of Men are able to independently support their families.Heart diseases common in divorced twice, and cirrhosis of the liver – seven times more likely than married men.One in four pairs of neraspisannyh make love every day.72% of men married for more than two years, have extramarital affairs.